Most of the tunes listed here are good for weddings where I play solo.

Boy in the Bush

A Pair of Jigs

Ashokan Farewell

The following are some videos I recorded recently of me playing violin. These are typical solo pieces for weddings and cocktail hours:

Here’s a lovely jig that I often play for wedding ceremonies, it’s called star above the garter, and it’s a traditional Celtic fiddle melody

Wedding ceremonies are an important event for not only the bride and groom, but the guests, family and friends. So traditional Celtic fiddle music is an excellent choice. Here is one of my favorite jigs: lilting banshee

Here’s another lively tune that is sometimes requested for wedding ceremony recessionals, also for cocktail hours: pipe on the hob

Brides and grooms alike have indicated they like this tune. and so do I. Here I am playing it on the violin: the fairy queen

During the cocktail hour, brides and grooms want lively Celtic music on the fiddle. Here is one of my favorite wedding tunes: Stick across the Hob

I’m often requested for cocktail hour music at weddings in addition to the actual ceremony. Here is one of my favorite reels: Tarbolton

I am often requested to play cocktail hour music at weddings. And what’s better for that time than a polka? Here’s a lively one, called Kerry’s

this is a very popular melody chosen by brides and grooms for the processional or for seating music: crested hens

this melody is often chosen by brides and grooms alike for the processional part of the wedding ceremony: Charles O’Connor by Turlock O’carolan

Planxty Hewlett is a wonderful traditional Celtic melody that is often requested by brides for processional music

A wedding ceremony seating, or processional music: Josefin’s

Planxty Fanny Power is an often selected melody by brides for wedding ceremonies

The following are some videos with my friend Jim Bunting. These are typical duo pieces for weddings

A Blast of Reels – Dunmore Lasses and Maid Behind the Bar

Music for a Found Harmonium – a lively reel, typically played for cocktail parties

Carolan’s Welcome – a sweet processional melody

Klezmer tunes for Jewish weddings and other special events:

Broyges Tantz – the dance of anger and reconciliation.

Tantz Tantz Yidilekh – Translates in English as dance dance Jews

Oi, Tate – translates in English as oh daddy. A very popular dance melody

Kandels hora – Horas are a lot of fun to play at Jewish weddings and other important events. Here’s one I like very much

Araber Tantz – Translates in English as Arabic dance. This is one of my all-time favorite tunes to play

At the Rabbi in Palestine – a glorious klezmer melody.