Getting gigs for you

So you can concentrate on making beautiful music

In 1998, I opened my booking services agency. At the time, I myself was playing in several bands, as well as directing a non-profit mandolin orchestra. I found that I had developed quite a substantial network of venues and music-related contacts. I used this network to get gigs for my bands, and the bands of my associates. Then the internet exploded, and I realized the opportunities for people like me with extensive contacts to really be able to work with people across the country, not just in my little area. Since then, I have booked gigs for a variety of bands and ensembles, as well as solo musicians. I specialize in weddings and private events, however due to my network of performance venues, I can usually find work for anybody in just about any city.

The way it works, is bands will contact me, we will talk about what they want in terms of booking services, we will negotiate a contract, and off we go!

Contact me with specifics about your opportunity
  • Include your name, address, cell phone and email
  • Indicate two or three times during the week when you can meet online for a preliminary discussion