Some Changes and Updates

This is an update for my clients and students. Firstly, you should bookmark, as it will always have links to the pages and profiles you want, such as Free Mandolin Lessons, etc. Secondly, I’m having a bit of a spat with Google. Apparently, my business doesn’t warrant a business profile on Google maps. They have disabled my profile. Not sure what to do about that. I’ve relied on that profile for years for new students and clients. For now, I’ll point everybody to my profile and hope that Google comes around to seeing things my way, but I expect they won’t anytime soon.

Now that the pandemic is largely over here in Western Massachusetts, I am back to giving lessons and leading group classes out of my studio in Granby. That’s a good thing! Students (and clients) may still meet with me online as usual if preferred. Certainly on very hot, or very stormy days, it may be preferable. Remember to ask for an invitation to the Slack page for that. I am still doing some video conferences and workshops with Google Meet. I’ll try to remember to post the Meet link to the events page when that’s going to happen.

Sad news: Celticado, the duo with Jim Bunting, is no more. Jim has moved on to a more traditional group that suits his taste and style. I appreciate everything he has done for me over the years, improving my musicianship and phrasing, and the mandolin he built for me. He is truly an amazing musician and a good guy. I will miss him. I am still playing for weddings of course, now as a solo/strolling violinist. I built a website for it called, but I may decide to take it down due to the problem I’m having with Google right now.

ASO Solo

Since 1986, I have been performing as a solo musician for wedding ceremonies and other special events. I’m offering several packages that you may be interested in.

Solo Violin Ceremony & Seating Music: $140

Whether you opt for classical music great composers made or popular melodies or celtic music, you will enjoy the ultimate sound. I will give you a list of famous violin solos you will adore playing. Some of them are perfect for traditional weddings, but you can also choose the electric one for some contemporary tunes.


Solo Mandolin Melodies from the 18th Century: $140

1. Allegro from Fantasie No.11 for solo violin (1735) – G.P. Telemann
2. Allemande en Rondeau – G.B Gervasio
3. Bourrée No.1 
from Suite No.3 for solo ‘cello– J.S Bach
4. Bourrée No.2 from Suite No.3 for solo ‘cello – J.S Bach
5. Preludio from Partita III for Solo Mandolin – F. Sauli
6. Corrente 
from Partita III for Solo Mandolin – F. Sauli 
7.Partita in C from Sonate e Partite for Solo Mandolin – F. Lecce
8.Partita in G 
from Sonate e Partite for Solo Mandolin – F. Lecce
9.Minuetto No.1 
from Suite No.1 for solo ‘cello – J.S Bach
10. Minuetto No.2 (Trio) 
from Suite No.1 for solo ‘cello – J.S Bach
11. Soave from Fantasie no.11 for solo violin – G.P. Telemann
from Fantasie No.9 for solo flute – G.P. Telemann
13. De La Reine de Golconde
– P. Denis

These pieces have been specially selected and adapted to suit solo mandolin for weddings and other private events. Some of the pieces are originally mandolin solos and some were originally written for other instruments. In each piece some sections have been slightly adapted to allow them to sit comfortably on the instrument.

Mandolin Program for Beginners

My definition of a beginner, is someone who has never played a musical instrument before in their life. If you have played an instrument, say in elementary school, or sang in a chorus at some point in your life, you are not a beginner. A beginner is someone who doesn’t have even the basic understanding of music.

For beginners, I offer a 30-minute session a week for 3 months, which will get them on the right track towards refining their goals. We learn basic music theory including scales, arpeggios, cords, modes and rhythm. We study the origin of music and history throughout the ages. We study the development of the mandolin, it’s history and some important composers.

The cost of this 3-month mandolin for beginners program is $480.00.

When you have finished, you will be presented with a certificate awarding you with Mandolin New England’s prestigious Journeyman Mandolinist Award. You can present this award to any mandolin teacher within the Mandolin New England professional education community, and get 10% off the first 6 months of weekly lessons, a $180 value.

If you would like to know more about the program, please contact me anytime!

ASO Mandolin

The spring is a time to get back together again with Mandolin New England, a 501c 3 non-profit mandolin orchestra based in Western Mass and Providence Rhode Island. The orchestra is rehearsing two pieces by JS Bach, and a piece by Vivaldi.

To learn more about the orchestra, to join as a player, or to support us, visit us online at:

ASO Catering for Weddings and More

ASO Catering, formerly Ogi Sushi, was founded by Emily Guo in 2003. Emily is a sushi chef with over a decade of professional ethnic and Asian cuisine experience to offer. All meals are prepared in a professional kitchen rented specifically for the occasion. Emily prefers small intimate meals with between 2 and no more than 6 people. She will consider larger catering events on a case by case basis. No alcohol will be provided and must be purchased separately. We specialize in sushi platters from six to 36 pieces. Other menu items including Chinese, Korean and Japanese food available. Please ask